Phinisi Sailling Vassel

komodo island

Komodo National Park has widely known with the home of the giant lizard Komodo Dragon which has just declare to be one of the latest heritage of the world. This is the home of the giants lizard known as the "Komodo Dragon" it was thought to be a myth until the turn of the century, when fishermen who were forced by a storm to take shelter on Komodo sight the monsters.

Komodo National Park is the prime destination and the most popular place to visit by sailor and Yacht charter as well as divers from all over the world. Komodo National Park and the island surrounds hold an incredible varieties of coral reef diving, from calm shallow reefs to seamounts with ripping currents. This is a place where you still find mega marine fauna such as manta rays, large varieties of shark, sun fish, dolphins, whale and much more.


Sail through the stunning islands of the Komodo National Park aboard the Ambasi, a boutique, traditional-style, Pinisi sailing boat that is available for private charter for groups of up to 8 passengers. Aboard on the Phinisi Ambasi you will enjoy an unforgettable sea-journey. This is an unique possibility to explore even the tiniest of the islands of Komodo Natioanl Marine Park. The Ambasi will anchor in the loveliest bays from where you can go ashore and discover the islands.Cross tropical rainforests, climb volcano, admire waterfalls and crater lakes. Go shopping at the pasar, or local market, watch traditional dances or simply relax on deck or on hidden beaches to doak up the tropical sun.


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